Custom-made design and execution:

Glasscrafters interacts with you to decide on the stained glass theme and design. We conduct a site visit (if in Bangalore) to judge the position and light parameters in order to select the intensity of colours and textures. We get your approval on a small-scale drawing and then execute the work on a full-scale design. The execution of the stained glass project is a highly skilled and labour intensive process.

Restoration of stained glass:

We photograph and document the piece to be restored. We painstakingly clean the glass and the frames either in situ, or at our studio as required. We salvage the original glass using transparent glues to repair cracks where the lead lines are not required. We replace missing or badly damaged pieces with new ones to restore the stained glass to its original glory.

Stained glass art in public spaces :

We need your invitation/support to spread stained glass art in public spaces � garden walls, public buildings such as schools, hospitals, police stations to add that cheery splash of colour to our environs. It could serve as a creative community project that is low-maintenance as well.

Studio rental:

We provide our studio facilities for rent based on the inputs that you may require.


We provide opportunities for apprenticeship to aspiring stained glass artists.

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