Spectrum Glass Company, USA - Coloured glass/stained glass sheets

We are the authorised stained glass retailer for Spectrum Glass Company, USA. We offer upto 200 colours and textures of stained glass sheets including fusible glass to stained glass studios, architects, interior designers and hobbyists. The sheets are available in sizes of 2�x2� or 4�x2�.

The Spectrum Glass is renowned for its artistic beauty, easy cutability and wide range of colours and textures. Choose from transparent, opalescent, streaky, baroque or fusible glass with smooth or textured finish. Avail of special discounts for bulk orders. Inquire now for details.

Transparent: Smooth or textured

Smooth � both surfaces are smooth and flat;

Textured � one surface is smooth and the other is textured. The textures have different names such as hammered, cat paw, water glass, cathedral, ripple rolled, granite.

Wispy or streaky:

Transparent glass with opal streaks


Translucent glass with a marbled effect popular for lampshades

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